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Kindergarten is the first year of formal schooling for your child. It is an important year where students will be introduced to literacy and numeracy and develop skills in all key learning areas.

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P2K Transition Program


The Preschool to Kindergarten transition class (P2K class) is a Two Year Kindergarten Program integrating Early Stage 1 curriculum and the Early Learning Years Framework through play and experiential learning. This program is for students who are starting the year at 4.5 years of age, may have had no pre-school experience or limited expressive and receptive language skills. The P2K Transition Program is a unique program that develops the social and emotional skills as well as the basic literacy and numeracy skills needed in order for children to flourish at school and optimise learning success. It has been developed to provide students with foundation knowledge in literacy and numeracy and forms the basis for learning throughout primary school.

We know from neuroscience that our most important learning occurs during the early years of life. Learning habits, emotional maturity and a good self-esteem are shaped significantly in the early years. ​​


Research shows that play-based programs in classrooms enhances children’s academic and developmental learning outcomes. It has a natural and positive influence on children’s social, physical, emotional and cognitive development. This program meaningfully incorporates play into all aspects of the Early Years Framework and Early Stage 1 outcomes. Students engage with different types of guided, parallel, cooperative and adult led play-based learning. Each of these kinds of play are related to cognitive development, as it boosts memory skills and language development.  

Students will also be engaged in investigation sessions, which are open-ended, purposeful and are linked to the explicitly stated learning intentions. These sessions encourage students to cooperatively share space and resources with each other and provide an opportunity to develop their oral language and negotiation skills. The teachers work with the students to encourage them to think deeply, make connections, build on their strengths and to articulate their learning.  

This is an exciting program that will benefit your child’s development and help to successfully prepare them for future learning. If students do not have strong social/emotional, cognitive and communication skills they are unable to fully engage in the demands of the Kindergarten curriculum and expectations. 

Students in Kindergarten have been using pattern blocks to create amazing designs. 


Kindergarten students have been working hard to learn their sounds. The sound 'n' was turned into an artwork about the night sky.


Fun in Early Stage 1