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Support Unit

Granville Public School's Support Unit comprises of seven classes (K-6) that support the educational needs of students with intellectual disabilities and autism. Each class is catered for by a classroom teacher and a School Learning Support Officer (SLSO).

Each student in the Support Unit is provided with individualised educational programs which aim to stimulate, challenge and inspire students.  All programs aim to encourage critical and creative thinking skills while catering for individual needs in a safe and caring environment.

Granville Public School aims to provide integration with mainstream students in classrooms and in the playground. Support Unit students are invited to participate in all whole-school and grade activities, both in school and outside of school.

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Students work towards individual educational goals, which are devised to suit each students' needs.


Students work towards individual educational goals that are devised to suit specific needs. These goals are achieved through interactive and fun activities that have been designed to encourage critical and creative thinking in all students.


Support Unit students are encouraged to become more independent with lifestyle choices by participating in regular cooking lessons where safety in the kitchen is explicitly taught.

Science and Technology

Students investigated the properties of different materials and discussed why they are used to make different products.

Community Access

Support Unit students attend weekly excursions in the local community. The goal of these excursions is to help them become more independent at utilising community resources such as Granville Post Office, Granville Police Station, Granville Train Station and the local Woolworths store. Students are encouraged to become inclusive, informed and engaged members of the community in which they live.


Support Unit students are provided with a weekly Physical Education program developed and delivered by a specialised PE teacher.

Tree Planting

Support Unit students participate in an annual Tree-Planting Excursion.