Granville Public School

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RFF, Community Language and ESL

Community Language

Chinese Community Language: Mrs Chen


Music: Mr Del Rizzo

Visual Arts: Mrs Teixeira (M-W) and Ms Pye (Th-F)

Physical Education: Ms Raffoul


Librarian: Ms Elderton


EAL/D Specialists: Ms Kassoutas, Ms McLennan and Ms Choi 

Language Enrichment (LE): Mrs Chahine (W-F)

Early Stage 1 and some Support Unit classes have been studying artists who use 2D shapes in their compositions.

Students used their fine motor skills (e.g. cutting) to create artworks with concentric circles, squares and rectangles.

Stage 2 students are studying abstract art. They took inspiration from Kandinsky's 'Squares with Concentric Circles' and created these abstract trees.

Check out these Warhol inspired pop art flowers!

Stage 3 students have been studying portraiture. They learned about portrait artists and have taken inspiration from famous artworks to use in their own compositions.

Check out some amazing Picasso inspired continuous line portraits!

Stage 1 and some Support Unit classes have been studying the Pop Art movement. Students used oil pastels to bring these famous faces to life.

Stage 3 students used a grid reference to draw their self-portrait.