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Stage 2 includes students in Years 3 and 4 and is a time where teachers work with students to consolidate and build upon their current level of skills and knowledge, with an emphasis on greater responsibility and independence. This all aims to create a firm foundation for lifelong learning.

3/4L - Ms Luongo (Assistant Principal)
3/4H - Miss Houston 
3/4T - Miss Talaisahneh
3/4F - Miss Farhat
4P - Miss Pokler
3M - Miss Malla

Swim Scheme

Stage 2 students took part in the Department of Education and Training School Swimming Scheme program held at Granville Pools. This program assisted students in developing water confidence and provided them with basic skills in water safety and survival. 

Stage Sport

In Term 1, Stage 2 students took part in Friday sport with SEDA College. They ran a 4 week program with Western Sydney Wanderers that taught students a range of ball skills. 

Ken Ken

Stage 2 students have enjoyed completing Ken Ken puzzles in the classroom. Ken Ken puzzles challenge you to use different mathematical operations to fill in a grid with numbers, making sure no number is repeated in any row or column.

Number Talks

Stage 2 students regularly engage in number talks, where they demonstrate their ability to think flexibly about numbers and select appropriate strategies to solve mathematical problems.

Science and Technology

Stage 2 students conducted a research investigation where they measured the length of shadows at different times of the day.