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Stage 3 includes students in Years 5 and 6. It is an important part of a child's school life as they enter the final years of primary school. It's an exciting time as students grow and develop independence, take on leadership roles and develop important life skills for the future.

Ken Ken

Ken Ken puzzles challenge you to use different mathematical operations to fill in a grid with numbers, making sure no number is repeated in any row or column.

Congratulations to the Stage 2 and 3 Ken Ken competition winners!

(L-R): Vrunda, Oscar, Adee, Viktor, Katha

Visual Arts Group

During lunch and recess breaks, Stage 3 students were offered the opportunity to participate in a visual arts group.

Under the guidance of Mrs Leibrandt, students have been improving their drawing skills.

Check out their amazing work!


This term, a number of teachers and Stage 3 students participated in a volleyball competition.

Everyone involved had a great time and displayed outstanding sportsmanship.

Thank you to Mrs Zreik and Ms Hunt for organising the competition!

Congratulations to our winners, the M&Ms!


Stage 3 students used their knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to design and build Lego robots.

The designs even included pulleys and gears to make the robots move!


Students have the opportunity to improve their digital literacy skills by using the range of technology available to them at Granville Public School.

Stage 3 students have also been helping students in Year 1 to improve their computer skills.

Chess Club

Students are excited to have Chess Club up and running again!