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The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia describes a range of opportunities for students to learn and develop a foundation for future success in learning.

The outcomes are:

1.     Children have a strong sense of identity.

2.     Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

3.     Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.

4.     Children are confident and involved learners.

5.     Children are effective communicators.


Miss Randazzo

Mrs Ayoub (SLSO) 

Please click here for all information regarding preschool orientation for 2021.

We love to play outside!

Preschool students engage in a variety of play-based and formal learning activities to prepare them for Kindergarten.

We love to write and draw at preschool!

At preschool, children develop friendships and a sense of belonging.

We love to use our imagination when we play!

We are practising our writing to get ready for big school!

We love playing outside with our friends!

Preschool students engage in a variety of imaginative and outdoor play activities.


Students are writing and mailing letters in our post office.

We love working in the garden!

We always wear our hats when we play outside!

Miss Randazzo and preschool students sitting in a Yarning Circle.

At preschool, children develop understandings of themselves and their world through active hands-on investigations.


We explore with water.

We explore different types of painting techniques.

We explore different textures with our hands.

We explore light, shadows and colours.